Having spent 2 years on social media, I can tell you that trying to grow your account is not as easy as it seems. Here’s a few tips and tricks I learned during my time on social media

1) Consistency is KEY – Consistency is what will make or break your Instagram/YouTube career. I won’t tell you to post at least once daily, because I know how mentally frustrating it can be if you’re not able to create enough content to do so. Instead, set achievable goals weekly and plan your days around content creation and editing. This way, it’s less over whelming, and you have a plan in place to keep you consistent.

2) Always keep learning – To be a good blogger means to always keep trying to improve your craft. There are so many great video and photo programs and techniques you can learn to make your content stand out. For me, YouTube has been a great source of education when it comes to learning getting better at Photoshop and Video editing, but if you are more interested in structured lessons, there’s tons of those out there as well!

3) Try not to compare: I know this can be hard, but try not to compare yourself to other bloggers. Know that everyone grows at their own pace and if you keep working hard and making the right moves, there is no way your work won’t be recognized

4) Build meaningful relationships: Having friends that are into the same things as you is not only fun, but a great way to stay motivated! Try to find bloggers within your niche to connect and make meaningful friendships with (Read: Meaningful, not social climbing). Engage on each other’s posts, do collaborations, be uplifting, exchange tips and tricks, learn, and take inspirations from each other. Remember, there is space at the top for everyone!

5) Experiment- if you’re posting only photos and feel like you aren’t getting the engagement you should, try switching it up and post a couple of videos, boomerangs, vlogs, or IGTV videos! Experimenting is what helps me grow when I’m stuck in a rut, so never be afraid to try something new. Remember, it is YOUR blog, the only rules you need to follow are your own (and of course Instagram’s lol)

6) Go Live: There is something endearing about seeing your favorite blogger in live time. Try to go live multiple times a week for chit chat sessions, doing your makeup, Q&A’s, or just saying hi! It’s a great way of connecting with your followers and bumping your posts up in their feed

7) IG Stories: Speaking of going live, staying active on IG Stories does wonders. Post about things that you wouldn’t normally post on your feed, but you think your followers would relate to. Also, make full use of the story widgets (poll, q&a, slider, etc) to collect feedback, and opinions

8) Talk to your followers: When your followers take time out of their day to comment on your posts, or send you a DM, take the time to reply back. Stay within reach of them, so they are motivated to keep engaging with you. Show gratitude for the love you get, even if you think it isn’t enough.

9) Be Relatable: An average follower will keep coming back to your account if they feel like they relate with you. I know how easy it can be to avoid anything that makes you look vulnerable, avoid your bad angles, not post a picture where your smile looks a little crooked, where you look like you didn’t get enough sleep. Especially with the rise of designer lifestyles we feel more inclined to always paint a perfect picture on social media, but embracing the small, sometimes funny inconveniences in your life can not only be relatable, but also empowering.

10) Don’t ignore Twitter: Twitter is a powerful, yet underrated tool that not a lot of bloggers make full use of. The chance of a brand seeing your post on Twitter is way higher than on Instagram, because it’s not as saturated. So next time you post something on Instagram, post it on Twitter as well and tag the brands! I’ve witnessed so many talented bloggers get discovered on Twitter!

I hope this was helpful in gaining some insight into engagement on social media, I know I’ve struggled with it! Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always within reach here and on my Instagram

Later Vader,



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