Gifting is a big part of every occasion and celebration in our lives, but did you know that the tradition of gifting goes as far back as cavemen? People gave gifts to assert dominance, start families, celebrate unions, and build communities. The more you know eh?

Nowadays, gifts are given for similar reasons; to spread love, show appreciation, apologize after lil quarrel. The kinds of gifts, however, have evolved varying from gift cards, makeup gift sets, and jewelry, to spa dates or even trips! All holidays and occasions are special, but some of my favourite ones are:


The glitz and glam on Eid is unlike no other day of the year! Add some razzle dazzle to your Eid looks with the Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb Highlighters


The festival of colours and lights calls for a colourful gift, and the KVD Beauty Vegan Bright Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect thing to give! Bring on the colours because our creative juices are flowing!


Tis’ the season to be jolly and nothing is jollier than Carolina Herrera Fabulous Kiss Lipstick Cap Gold Fantasy Lipstick! The hot red sparkly lipstick would make the cutest stocking stuffers. Santa approves! 


Let’s face it, gifts are the most exciting part of birthdays! And as beautiful as ageing is, adding another year to it does make us want to go skincare shopping. Que: Rose Quartz Facial Roller! So good for skin, relaxing, AND helps attract love and healing energies? SIGN ME UP! 

Or just because!!

Who doesn’t love a ‘just because’ gift? I know I do!

Treat your perfect person with a gift just as perfect as they are, because it makes them smile! Sign your loved ones up for a HAUL Subscription because what’s better than a gift that keeps giving?

A variation was originally written by Fatima for , a beauty subscription box service based in the UAE.


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