When it comes to deciding on a name for your blog, I know how indecisive you can feel. I’ve been there not too long ago! Here are a few tips that helped me pick a name I loved!

Pick a Niche

First things first, decide what you want to write about. Is your blog going to focus on Beauty? Travel? Lifestyle? Books? Maybe a bit of everything? The list of niches could go on and on. Pick something you are passionate about and start brainstorming names!

Start brainstorming

Go on Google Domains and start checking if the domain names you think of are available. Nothing sucks more than thinking of a great name, getting emotionally invested, only to find out someone else is already using it! Make a list of your favorite names, check availability, and start shortlisting from there

Consider using your name

If your name or nickname is short, easy to spell, and pronounce, you might want to consider using it. This is especially a good idea if you’re looking to build a personal brand (life coach, fitness instructor, etc) or want to become a household name. Bonus points if you can add relevant words to your name and make it sound clever! A blogger who has done this is Cara of Maskcara (Cara + Mascara + Mask)

An advantage of using your own name is if you want to pivot and start writing about something else, it is easier to do so since your blog name isn’t tied with one niche. For example, if your blog name is ParentingCo, and in the future you decide you want to write about makeup, your current blog name wont make a lot of sense anymore. Whereas that shift will be easier to make if you’re using your own name.

Pick a .com

Make sure your name is available in .com. Although there are some successful winebsites that are .net .org etc, .com generally feels more trustworthy and professional

Use a Thesaurus

Thesaurus.com will be your best friend when looking for a blog name! A thesaurus helps you find synonyms for words, which is sometimes exactly what you need for a unique, and catchy name. For example, BrownieShop is already taken? Try BrownieBoutique, BrownieStand, BrownieChain. The possibilities are endless with this goldmine of inspiration!

Trust your intuition

Your intuition never lies. If your blog name doesn’t make you feel good, then the whole point you’re creating a blog gets defeated! If you have a strong feeling about a particular name, don’t ignore it!

What are some of your top tips for picking a blog name you wont regret later? List them below!

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