It is no secret that this year has been rough on me; mentally, emotionally, and physically, but through all of it the one thing that has kept me going is faith and trust in the higher power. Tawakkul.

Ramadan has always been special to me, as is to every Muslim, but this year it’s different. This year, the peace I feel for the blessings this month is about to bring is unlike any other year. Maybe because I’m in desperate need all the goodness Allah can send my way, and this is the perfect time of duas being answered.

So in the spirit of Ramadan, here are some of the ways I plan on making the most out of this blessed month. Hopefully, some of this will resonate with someone reading this too!

Unlimited Duas – I wrote a list of all the things I want to ask Allah for, from the smallest little trinkets to my hearts deepest desires. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I feel like I’m asking for too much, but then I remind myself that nothing is too big or too small. Allah WANTS me to ask him for everything, so I have a long list prepared ^_^

Kindness; to myself – Everyone always talks about being kind to others, and while that is so important, it is just as important to be kind to one’s own self. It is hard to admit that I did neglect myself quite a bit in the past, but that should change. It has to. I aim to do one act of self-love every single day for 30 days (a nice long bath, cook my favorite meal, make art, anything that makes me happy)

Tahajjud – Praying Tahajjud has worked miracles for me. NO.CAP. There is something so soothing about letting everything out on the prayer mat, in the middle of the night when the world sleeps. It’s just you and Allah SWT, your soul feels like it’s floating.

Feed the mind & soul – Distractions are minimized this month, so it makes perfect sense to use this time to consciously clear any negative energy I may be holding on to, make meditation a habit, journal more, and reflect on my inner self. I would like to form better habits, one of them being reading more. I’ve already picked up a few great self improvement books that I will be digging into starting this week!

Feel free to share your favorite Ramadan tips in the comments, or on my Instagram. I would love to hear how you plan on using this month to be better ✨

Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Ramadan Kareem! ðŸŒ™


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