If there is one product that everyone has a giant tub of in their cabinets, its this one. Yes, I’m talking about our beloved – VASELINE

I grew up watching my mom slather Petroleum Jelly all over her face, on cuts and burns, and even for nappy rashes, all for good reason! While from a chemical perspective, Vaseline does not have any healing or nourishing properties, it is unmatched in occlusiveness. Which means it can protect wounds physically, by creating a barrier on skin, which in turn prevents transepidermal water loss.

Moisture is key to helping skin heal and regenerate. Just like Band-Aids, when applied to a cut or burn it prevents the wound from drying out and getting irritated, helping it heal faster.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Chesebrough, a chemist and the inventor of Vaseline lived to be 96 years old and was such a believer in Vaseline that he claimed to have eaten a spoonful of it every day? Now that’s a bit excessive!

Apart from using it on cuts and burns, some other great ways to use it are:

Remove eye makeup: Vaseline is perfect for using around the eyes to remove makeup! The slippery texture of petroleum jelly minimizes tugging around the eye, which is crucial when trying to get rid of that last bit of mascara.

Relieve dry lips and eyelids: The skin on your lips and eyelids are one of the thinnest areas of skin on our body, and can get itchy and flaky easily. Using Vaseline on eyelids and lips can help keep them from drying out, hence preventing irritation. (Pro tip – Use a little bit of brown sugar mixed with Petroleum jelly to exfoliate your lips!)

Keep nails hydrated: Using Vaseline on your nail beds and cuticles is a great way to keep them hydrated, and avoid brittle nails! For best results, use it right after a shower when your nails are damp.

DIY Highlighter: Forgot your favorite highlighter at home? Dab a bit of Vaseline to the high points of your cheekbone for that natural glow!

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What skin types SHOULDN’T use Vaseline?

While Vaseline has proven to be a great addition to skincare, on the other hand if you have acne-prone skin or rosacea you might want to be careful. Since it creates a barrier on the skin, if your skin isn’t clean it can trap in bacteria, making acne worse.

BEST way to use Vaseline

Vaseline is non-comedogenic, and its molecules are too big to penetrate the skin, which makes it perfect to use fresh out of the shower to lock in all that moisture. Another great way to use it is as a final step in your skincare regimen. I like to warm a little bit of Vaseline between your palms, and gently dab it onto my skin after after applying all my favorite skincare products.

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